No Special Treatment


Prophet Muhammed (P.)

One day Prophet Muhammad (S) and his followers went on a journey. After travelling for a long time they got tired, so they stopped for a rest.

They decided to make a small camp and cook some food.

One of the men said that he would go and kill a lamb so that they could cook it.

Another man said that he would remove the skin of the lamb before it was cooked.

Another said that he would light the fire and cook the meat.

Each one of the men said that he would do a certain job so that the work could be done quickly and fairly.

The Prophet (S) then said that he would collect and bring the firewood from the forest.

All the men told him that there was no need for him to do anything at all. They would do all the work.

The Prophet (S) told them that he knew that they could do the work, but Allah does not like for a person to sit and let other people do all the work.

The Prophet (S) also explained to them that although he was their Prophet he did not like to get special treatment from them. This is because Allah does not like a person to think that he is better than other people.

When we sit back and let other people do the work, it makes us lazy. We should all share in any work that needs to be done, so that it can be done quickly and easily.