Passage To The Grave



My journey through this life observes each day and each night
I await to see its end before my very sight
As I embrace my sorrows I feel nothing but remorse
For I too have fallen weak to the pretence of this world
People of this land, they come and they go

But when hidden underground they are left all alone
As their grave closes in they must befriend their greatest fear
Punished for crimes they once held so near
As each story unfolds inside the grave
Man turns into mud, he cannot be saved
Tears turn to dust and wounds become afresh
There is no healing process now, no cure and no rest
Lying stiff, decomposing to bone
Names etched beautifully on a tablet of stone
Describing a person who to the world is unknown
But in the hearts of lovers remains their very own
Unapparent to us are their emotions and their scares
But they feel within us, all that is there
Their cries are unheard, their message incomplete
Doomed by the very world they thought was finite
Although they are not amongst us and will never ever be
Thoughts of them will prevail, until we too are set free
Nor you nor I can restore their life
Nor bring to them more pain or strife
For they are and will remain in a world of their own
Longing to see what was promised all along