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Inner Struggle, The Greater Jihad

Muslims for centuries have engaged themselves and the world in pursuit of inner Jihad (Inner Struggle). This has been their way of getting closer to their Creator, achieving inner peace and getting closer to God’s creations. Unless we are at peace with ourselves, we can not have peace with the Creator and vice versa. Read more... Inner Struggle, The Greater Jihad  

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Az-Zina (Fornication / Adultery) - Part 1


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Islam strictly forbids Zinaa. It is haraam and a major sin to indulge in this shameful and destructive act, and those who do so, severe punishment has been prescribed by Allah (SWT) for such people.


“And they who do not call upon another god with Allah and do not slay any soul which Allah has forbidden except for a cause that is just, and who do not commit ZINAA  - and whosoever does this shall meet the wages of sin. The torment will be doubled for him on the day of ressurection, and he shall live forever in disgrace”. (25:68/69)

“Do not approach ZINAA; verily it is a shameful act and an evil way”. (17:32)

“And there followed after them a posterity who neglected prayers and followed (sexual) lusts, therefore they shall soon meet perdition”. (19:59)


Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (as) has said: “Know that Allah has prohibited Himself the Haraam things. He has also prescribed the rules and regulations of life. No one is more modest than Allah. It is His modesty that He has forbidden ZINAA”.

It is also reported from the same Imam (as): “ZINAA has six types of effects. Three are for this world and three for the Hereafter. The three evils which become evident in this world are:

1.     The face of the adulterer loses countenance.

2.     He falls into depravity and destitution.

3.     His death draws near.         

And the three punishments for the Hereafter are:

1.     He is liable for Divine anger.

2.     His reckoning is severe.

3.     He abides forever in hell.”

The term Zinaa has been used for all forms of illicit sexual relation with the opposite sex. Whether it is committed between two unmarried people, or one of them is married and the other is not, or both are married BUT not to each other.

Imam Ja’ffar as-Sadiq (as) has said: “Verily the person who will be most punished on the day of judgement is he who placed his seed (sperm) in a womb which is forbidden for him”.

The Holy Prophet (saw) has said: “The anger of Allah (SWT) increases over a married woman who looks at other men other than her own (husband) lustfully. If she does so, Allah (SWT) wipes out (the rewards of) all her good deeds. And if any stranger has an intimate relation with her, then Allah (SWT) has the right to burn her in the fire after punishing her in the grave”.


Allah (SWT) has created us as men and women, and gave us the sexual urge primarily for pro-creation purpose. For continuation of human race. If this urge is satisfied in a prescribed and disciplined manner, the human race is assured of peace and prosperity. Otherwise, the same urge can contaminate the progeny.

Imam as-Sadiq (as) was asked: “Why is Zinaa forbidden in Islam?” He (as) replied: “Because it is the cause of corruption (in society), disruption in the law of inheritance (between father & son) and breakoff of kinship (family relationships)”.

The Imam (as) has also said: “Allah (SWT) has made Zinaa Haraam because it causes many evil things: Murder of innocent, lack of lineage & paternity, lack of training children and lack of proof of inheritance”.

Mulla Mujaheedali Sheriff
Source: http://almahdi.org.uk

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