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Shurb Al-Khamr (Drinking Wine) - Part 4


Ibn Abi Yazoor once told Imam as-Sadiq (as): “I am suffering from a disease. When the pain intensifies I drink some wine of grapes and he pain subsides”. Imam (as) said, “Do not drink. It is Haraam; It is nothing but Shaitan who is preying upon you to involve you in sins. When he loses all hope of making you drink he will leave you”. Ibn Abi Yazoor returned to Kufa and stopped drinking wine when in pain. He bore the pain for some days and eventually, as the Imam (as) had said, his pain receded and he never suffered from it again. Read more... Shurb Al-Khamr (Drinking Wine) - Part 4  

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Shurb Al-Khamr (Drinking Wine) - Part 3


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In the last few articles, we looked at one reason why Alcohol is forbidden in Islam and we said that it was because of the adverse effect it has on the health & life of an individual. The second reason is:


“Fawaahish” in arabic language is the plural of “Fahsha” which means Indecency.  It implies an extremely evil act.

“Say, my Lord has only prohibited indecencies, those of them that are apparent as well as those that are concealed, an sin and rebellion without justice and that you associate with Allah that for which He has not sent down any authority, and that you say against Allah what you do not know”.         (7:33)

There is no doubt that Alcohol leads man to all sorts of evils and indecent acts. Under its influence, we see today, how man commits numerous crimes such as theft, rape, murder and even adultery with ones own mother, sister or daughter.

Moreover, he even fails to recognize his Creator, Allah (SWT) in that state.

Imam as-Sadiq (as) has said:

“Alcoholism is the mother of all sins. Liquor invites the drunkard to all sorts of indecencies. It destroys his intellect so much so that under its influence, he even fails to recognize his Lord. Whatever sin he encounters, he commits it. The Alcoholics do not refrain from any such acts which are against morality”.

Imam al-Baqir (as) has said:

“Disobedience to the command of Allah is mostly due to Alcoholism. The Alcoholic abandons Prayer. He even commits incest under the influence of Alcohol. He loses his senses”.    

The other thing which we should understand is that Quran is explicitly warning us that Shaitan, the open enemy of mankind, is using Alcohol and Gambling tools to create discode among people and lead them away from the path of Allah (SWT).

“The Shaitan only desires to cause enmity and hatred to spring in your midst by means of intoxicants and games of chance, and to keep you off from the remembrance of Allah and from prayer. Will you then desist?” (5:91)

It is stated in Tafseer al-Meezan that:

Human nature of its own acccord is not inclined towards liquor. It is the insinuation of Shaitan that persuades man to consume such filth. Shaitan creates the illusion in the human mind that by consuming liquor one can obtain bliss and a feeling of exhilaration. The Quranic verses declare that it is the Shaitan’s plan to entice people towards wine, gambling and idol-worship so he can create enmity, hatred and avarice amongst them and succeed in diverting their thoughts away from Allah and their duty towards the Almighty. Due to loss of reason and self control they stoop to the lowest depths of inhuman behaviour. Under the influence of an intoxicant every thing vile and vicious appeals to their fancy. They get pleasure in destroying other people’s wealth, honour and dignity ignoring all norms of civil behaviour. They may even speak insolently about their own religion and beliefs. They sink to the lowest depths of degradation when their own sisters and daughters appear to them as objects of gratification. When intoxicated a person will easily divulge the most confidential information in his possession.

Mulla Mujaheedali Sheriff


Source: http://almahdi.org.uk

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