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Al-Liwaat (Sodomy) - Part 5


Since sodomy is a greater sin than adultery and its evils are worse, the punishment of sodomy, in accordance with the Islamic Sharia’h is also more severe. Islam prescribes capital punishment for the active as well as the passive partner in the crime. If both are adults and sane, both of them have to be killed. The active partner has to be beheaded with the sword or killed by stonning or burnt alive or thrown from a height with the hands and the legs tied. It is at the descretion of the Islamic Qadhi (Judge) to determine the method. Similarly, the method adopted for the death of the passive partner is also determined by the Qadhi. According to Ameerul-Mu’mineen (as), a person who has committed this sin must also be burnt after being killed.
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Az-Zina (Fornication / Adultery) - Part 2


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The Holy Prophet (saw) had said:  “After me when Zinaa will increase, sudden deaths will also increase”.

He (saw) also said: “Zinaa causes depravity and destitution, and because of it, populated places become deserted”.

It is reported from Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (as): “On the day of judgement, a (very) foul smell shall be released by the command of Allah (SWT) and all the people will become restless because of it so much so that it will become difficult to breath. Then a caller will proclaim: O people of Mahshar! Do you know what this stench is? They will reply: We do not know! However this stink is causing great discomfort. (They shall be told): This is the bad smell from the sexual organs of those who committed ZINAA and died without repenting for their sins. Allah (SWT) curses these people, you too invoke curse upon them. The there will not be a single person who would not say: O’Allah! Send your curse (anger) upon these fornicators”.

Ayatullah Abdulhussein Dasti Ghayb (r.a) writes in “Gunahaane Kabeera”:

Adultery is the root of degradation of society in the world and eternal punishment in the hereafter. Islam has therefore prescribed some obligatory rules for our protection. Allah (SWT), in His unsurpassed wisdom made these rules incumbent upon us. If these rules are obeyed, the Muslims can protect themselves from such a serious sin.

Do not even go near to what will lead you to Zinaa. Therefore lower your gaze.

“And do not approach Zinaa; verily it is a shameful act and an evil way”.  (17:32)

One of the senses which tempts the sexual urge and can lead one to Zinaa is what is termed as Nadhar which means “a look”. This is the reason why we have been instructed in both, Quran and Hadeeth to lower our gaze from seeing forbidden things.

“(O Muhammad) Say to the believing man to lower their eyes and guard their private parts. That is purer for them. Verily Allah is Aware of what they do. And say to the believing women to lower their eyes and guard their private parts……..”                                              (24:30/31)

“He knows the treachery of the eyes and what the breasts conceal”. (40:19)

S.V.mir Ahmad Ali writes in his Tafseer:

“Treachery of the eyes” may mean: (i) What the eyes see may not be actually taking place (ii) They show love when hatred is meant (iii) They see things which they should not see; but Allah’s perfect, all-comprehending and all-pervading knowledge penetrates through all mysteries.

The Holy Prophet (saw) has said: “A look is a poisonous arrow from the arrows of Iblees (satan). Whoever avoids giving (haraam) look in fear of Allah (SWT), Allah will put into his heart the faith (Imaan) whose sweetness he will feel”.

He (saw) has also said: “The first look is a mistake, the second is deliberate and the third is destructive”.

Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (as) said: “There is nothing in the body more ungrateful than the eyes. Therefore, do not give to it, its freedom lest it diverts you from the remembrance of Allah (SWT)”.

Islam is instructing us to abstain from looking at all those things which will stimulate and provoke the sexual urge within us and lead us gradually to Zinaa. Therefore, women who do not observe purdah and dress up in provocative manner, lustful gazing of men-women towards one another, befriending the opposite sex, watching sexually provocative materials in TV or in books, magazines, newspapers, or even on the internet and in the cinemas, looking at the private parts of the opposite sex, going to places like discos, casinos and even sea-fronts where nudity is prevelant – all these are Haraam and a true believer must abstain from even looking at them.

Mulla Mujaheedali Sheriff


Source: http://almahdi.org.uk

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