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Inner Struggle, The Greater Jihad

Muslims for centuries have engaged themselves and the world in pursuit of inner Jihad (Inner Struggle). This has been their way of getting closer to their Creator, achieving inner peace and getting closer to God’s creations. Unless we are at peace with ourselves, we can not have peace with the Creator and vice versa. Read more... Inner Struggle, The Greater Jihad  

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Marji'iyyah And Scholars

Articles About Marji'iyyah, Its Necessity, the Maraji', Hawzah Ilmiyyah, and Biographies of Great Scholars.

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1 The Role of Reason in Ijtihad Ayatullah Murtadha Mutahhari 1030
2 Taqlid: Meaning & Reality Sayyid Muhammed Rizvi 2359
3 The Concept of Ijtihad in Accordance to Shi’i Islam Samir Al-Haidari 2199
4 Shaykh Saduq H118 2061
5 The Grand Ayatullah Sayyid Ali al-Husaini Seestani H118 1461
6 Grand Ayatullah Seyyid Abul Qasim Musawi Al-Khoei (RA) rida 3144
7 Grand Ayatullah Shaykh al-Gharawi A G Karim 2501
8 Biography of Grand Ayatullah Sayed al-Khoei rida 2046
9 FIQH: Actions and the Necessity of Taqlid Ayatollah Dr Sayyid Fadhil Milani 1832
10 Humility of The Islamic Scholars Mulla Mujaheedali Sheriff 1369

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