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A female Muslim's views on Terror in London

Thursday, the 7th of July, 2005 was a typical hot summer morning in London.  I woke up and decided to get to work by bus and not to rush into a stuffy hot train.  At half past 7, I got on my first bus journey on number 83 where I sat on a nice cozy seat right at the front, people were talking, children laughing in the background a baby held by her mother smiling innocently at me.  As I play with the baby and make funny faces at her, I think to myself how hard the world will be in your generation… Read more... A female Muslim's views on Terror in London  

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Imam As-Sejjad’s (A.S.) Advice to his companions and adherents on Fridays Part 3


Islamic Articles - Imam Ali Ibn Al-Hussain (A.S.)

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You should know, O servants of God, that the proper scales and the records will not be maintained or opened for the polytheists, for they will be taken to Hell in hoards. The proper scales and the records will be maintained and opened for the Muslims.

Fear God, O servants, and know that God the Exalted has not like for any of His disciples to enjoy this world. Besides, He has not attracted their attentions to its pleasures, transitory amusements, or surface enjoyments. As a matter of fact, God has created this world as a field of testing people so that He will see which of them is most virtuous in the deeds.

By God I swear, examples were cited for you and a variety of evidences are shown to the heedful ones. O believers, include yourselves with the heedful ones.

All power belongs to God.

Abstain from the transitory pleasures of this world from which God has ordered you to abstain. He, the Most Truthful, says:

The example of the worldly life is like the water sent down from the sky which becomes mixed with the earth's produce that people and cattle consume. When the land becomes fertile and pleasant, people think that they have control over it. At Our command during the night or day, the land becomes as barren as if it had no richness the day before. Thus, do We explain the evidence (of the truth) for the people who reflect. (1)

Do not be inclined to this world, for God has said to Mohammed (peace be upon him and his family):

Do not be inclined towards the unjust ones lest you will be afflicted by Hell. Besides God, no one can be your protector nor will anyone be able to help you. (2)

Do not imitate those who are inclined to this world as if it is their permanent residential place and settlement. This world is certainly a shortlived lodging, a transitory house, and an abode of working. Supply yourselves with the good deeds before the scattering of this world’s days and before God gives the permission to ruin it. As He created and originated it, God can ruin it, for He is its custodian and can give it in inheritance to anyone He wishes. God provide you and us with aid to supply with God-fearing and asceticism, make you and us with the abstinent from the transitory pleasures of this world and the desirous for the reward of the life to come. We are only for Him, and through Him can we do. Peace and God’s mercy and blessings be upon you.

(1) The Holy Quran, Sura of Younus (10) Verse (24)
(2) The Holy Quran, Sura of Houd (11) Verse (113)

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