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A female Muslim's views on Terror in London

Thursday, the 7th of July, 2005 was a typical hot summer morning in London.  I woke up and decided to get to work by bus and not to rush into a stuffy hot train.  At half past 7, I got on my first bus journey on number 83 where I sat on a nice cozy seat right at the front, people were talking, children laughing in the background a baby held by her mother smiling innocently at me.  As I play with the baby and make funny faces at her, I think to myself how hard the world will be in your generation… Read more... A female Muslim's views on Terror in London  

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Imam Al-Hussain's Saying on His Way to Karbala


Islamic Articles - Al-Hadeeth

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On his way to Karbala(1), Imam Al-Hussain (peace be upon him) said:
This world has changed, snubbed, and its good has turned tail.

Nothing has remained from it except a thing that is as scanty as the leftover of a cup and a mean life that is like a noxious grazing. Have you not noticed that the right is ignored and the evil is not forbidden? This is sufficient for making the believers desire for meeting God rightfully. I consider death as happiness and life with the wrongdoers as boredom. People are certainly the slaves of this world. The religion is only a slaver on their tongues. They turn it wherever their livelihood demands. If they are examined by misfortunes, the religious will be very little.



At-Tabari relates the following to Uqba bin Al-Aizar:
In –a place called- ThiHasm, Al-Hussein said, after he had praised and thanked God:
So then, the matter that you are noticing has befallen us. the world has changed…



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