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A female Muslim's views on Terror in London

Thursday, the 7th of July, 2005 was a typical hot summer morning in London.  I woke up and decided to get to work by bus and not to rush into a stuffy hot train.  At half past 7, I got on my first bus journey on number 83 where I sat on a nice cozy seat right at the front, people were talking, children laughing in the background a baby held by her mother smiling innocently at me.  As I play with the baby and make funny faces at her, I think to myself how hard the world will be in your generation… Read more... A female Muslim's views on Terror in London  

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Torah and Quran - Interesting Statistics


Islamic Articles - Holy Quran

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In response to an ad in the NY Times that Jerusalem was mentioned more than 600 times in the Torah and none in the Quran, I have volunteered to do some interesting work on the my father's computer. Thanks to the age of computer and CDs that makes the search process so easy. Here is some interesting findings based on The Old Testament [American Standard Version 1901] and the Quran:

Frequency in: Word
(Derivative)                Torah            Quran

Blood                                 280                14
Destroy/Destruct                 271                75
Fire/ Hell                            426              201
Sword(s)                            358                 1
Kill                                       65               13
Battle/Fight                         246               89
Hope                                    60               41
Faith                                      3             268
Peace/Peaceably                     7               62
Justice/ Right                       379            424
Compassion/Mercy                 22            288
Forgive                                 30               56
Grace/Love and Compassion  160            209
Hate                                       74             19


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