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Shurb Al-Khamr (Drinking Wine) - Part 4


Ibn Abi Yazoor once told Imam as-Sadiq (as): “I am suffering from a disease. When the pain intensifies I drink some wine of grapes and he pain subsides”. Imam (as) said, “Do not drink. It is Haraam; It is nothing but Shaitan who is preying upon you to involve you in sins. When he loses all hope of making you drink he will leave you”. Ibn Abi Yazoor returned to Kufa and stopped drinking wine when in pain. He bore the pain for some days and eventually, as the Imam (as) had said, his pain receded and he never suffered from it again. Read more... Shurb Al-Khamr (Drinking Wine) - Part 4  

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Sayeda Fatimah Al-Zahra (A.S.)

Articles about the Mistress of Women of the Worlds, the only daughter of Prophet Muhammed (P.), Lady Fatimah Al-Zahra (A.S.)

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