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Al-Qimar (Gambling) - Part 1

Al-Qimaar  means to bet, to gamble, whereby one wins the money or thing put on stake while others lose. It is to play for winning more money and taking a risk through speculation, with a desire to get something for very little or nothing.
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Short Maxims of Imam Ali (A.S.) - 2


Islamic Articles - Imam Ali (A.S.)

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Imam Ali (peace be upon him) said to Malik al-Ashtar:
O Malik, retain and understand the following wording: O Malik, the
owners of weak conviction are disregarding their personality. He
whoever takes greed as his slogan is disgracing himself. He whoever
publicizes his problem is satisfied with humility. He whoever shows
others his secrets is disrespecting himself.

He whoever makes his
tongue as his leader is perishing himself. Greed is the butcher of the
personality. He who intrudes himself in various sorts of acts will surely
be disappointed by his desire. Stinginess is dishonor. Cowardice is
shortcoming. Piety is a shelter. Thankfulness is fortune. Patience is
bravery. The poor is strange in his homeland. Poverty prevents the
intelligent from providing his arguments. Satisfaction is the best
comrade. Good manners are new garments. The rank of a man is his
mind. A man’s chest is the store of his secrets. Verification is
prudence. Thinking is a fine mirror. Forbearance is a virtuous
character. Almsgiving is an effective medicine. The current actions will
be in front of their doers later on. Learning examples is a good warner.
Good humor is the trap of amiability.

14. Imam Ali (peace be upon him) said:
The rank of patience to faith is as same as the rank of the head to the
body. Hence, the impatient are faithless.

15. Imam Ali (peace be upon him) said:
You are in respite followed by a deadline. With you there is the hope
that precludes you from acting –good deeds-. Seize the opportunity of
respite, take the initiative to the deadline, distrust the hope, and do as
much as possible. Is there an opportunity of avoidance, escape,
getaway, shelter, or refuge or not? How are you then turned away?

16. Imam Ali (peace be upon him) said:
I command you to adhere to God-fearing because it is surely the
delight of the suppliant seeker –of God’s mercy and favors- and the
confidence of the homeless seeker of asylum. Betake God-fearing as a hidden slogan and mention God so purely that you will have the best life and will be lead to the courses of safety. Look at this world with the
eye of the abstinent that is about to leave it, because it surely
dislodges the relaxed resident and distresses the secure luxurious.
Whatever passes away from it is no longer expected and whatever is to
come is not realized so that it will be awaited. Its comfort is connected
to its trouble and its survival is connected to its bereavement. Its
pleasure is mixed with grief and its survival is mixed with weakness
and feebleness.

17. Imam Ali (peace be upon him) said:
Vanity comes from tyranny. Tyranny comes from arrogance. Arrogance
comes from conceit. The Shaitan is a present enemy who promises
falsely. Muslims are brothers. Do not disappoint each other and do not
impute dishonor to each other. The canons of the religion are the same
and its courses are clear. He who embraces these courses will catch
up, he who departs them will surely fall behind, and he who leaves
them will surely apostatize. A Muslim should never say untruth when
he speaks, never breach when he promises, and never betray when
something is deposited with him.

18. Imam Ali (peace be upon him) said:
Intelligence is the intimate friend of the believer, clemency is his
supporter, clemency is his father, and lenience is his brother. The
intelligent must enjoy three characters—he must think of his affairs,
control his tongue (against saying bad wording), and realizes the
nature of the time he is living in. Certainly, poverty is a branch of
misfortune. Illness of bodies is harsher than poverty. Ill-heartedness is
harsher than illness of body. Certainly, financial prosperity is one of
the graces. Physical soundness is better than financial prosperity. The
true God-fearing is better than physical soundness.

19. Imam Ali (peace be upon him) said:
A believer should divide his time into three parts—he should
supplicate to his Lord secretly in one, settle an account with himself in
the second, and permit himself to enjoy the good and legal pleasures
in the third. The intelligent should not be attentive except in three
manners — when he tries to improve his livelihood, when he tries to
step forward for the life to come, and when he tries to gain a lawful

20. Imam Ali (peace be upon him) said: Many are those whom are tempted by receiving graces, many are those whom are trapped by the concealment of their flaws, and many are those whom are cheated by wording of praise. God has never used ameans of test more infelicitous than respite. God the Majestic says: We only give them time to let them increase their sins. 1

1 The Holy Quran, Sura of Aal Imran (3) Verse (178)

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