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A female Muslim's views on Terror in London

Thursday, the 7th of July, 2005 was a typical hot summer morning in London.  I woke up and decided to get to work by bus and not to rush into a stuffy hot train.  At half past 7, I got on my first bus journey on number 83 where I sat on a nice cozy seat right at the front, people were talking, children laughing in the background a baby held by her mother smiling innocently at me.  As I play with the baby and make funny faces at her, I think to myself how hard the world will be in your generation… Read more... A female Muslim's views on Terror in London  

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The Tragedy of Karbala

Poems about The Tragedy of Karbala

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1 Roukeya Safa Al-Nashi 1568
2 Visions of Kerbala Sister Fiddha 1155
3 Red Sister Fiddha 1165
4 Aun and Muhammad Sister Fiddha 1501
5 Umme Rabaab Sister Fiddha 1049
7 I stand amongst the guilty Sister Fiddha 1107
8 Ali Akber Sister Fiddha 1379
9 Thoughts Sister Fiddha 1051
10 Ali Asgher (as) Sister Fiddha 1409
11 Peace giver Sister Fiddha 1107
12 Hard Sister Fiddha 1116
13 Father, Where are you? Sister Fiddha 1212
14 Muharram Raihana Yusufali 1136
15 The Whole World Cousins Farah Layla Hussain 1113
16 Heaven's Tears Sister Mardhiya 1225
17 Ya Mahdi Ajjal ! Sister Mardhiya 1277
18 O' my Ali Asghar Sister Mardhiya 1339
19 Umm e Rabab's final lullaby Sister Mardhiya 1175
20 Value your tears Sister Mardhiya 1152

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