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Interview: Islam & Terrorism

For this months issue, the Advent Editorial Team interviews one of AIM’s Religious Advisors; Sayyid Nabil Al-Haidari. Sayyid Al-Haidari has for many years been active in lecturing and research on various topics associated with Islamic affairs. He is at present monitoring the current state of affairs of the Muslim community in the wake of new terrorist attacks in the West and is an advocate of building stronger relations between different faiths. In this interview, the Advent has questioned Sayyid Al-Haidari on the relationship of Islam with terrorism. Read more... Interview: Islam & Terrorism  

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Imam Hussain Al-Shaheed (A.S.)

Poems about Imam Hussain Al-Shaheed (A.S.)

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1 Mola Hussain Sister Siema 2182
2 Oh Imam Hussein Dana Jomaa 2202
3 Goodbye poem from Umme Salma N. A.Din 1558
4 A Pause Sister Fiddha 1648
5 Hussain Sister Fiddha 1435
6 By My Parents Mustafa Al-Naeb 1344
7 A Poem for Arbaeen Ali Rizwan Shah 2874
8 The Grand sacrifice Sister Mardhiya 1306
9 And Zahra cried; come my Hussain! Sister Mardhiya 1280
10 Eternal Victory Sister Mardhiya 1319
11 Tenth of Muharram Sister Mardhiya 1258
12 Dialouge on the eve of Ashura Sister Mardhiya 1348
13 Six Cornered Kaba of my heart. Sister Mardhiya 1220
14 How the earth cried on planes of Karbala... Sr. Nahla Abbas 1353
15 There is No Life Without Hussein Sayed Ali Al-Mousawi Al-Khalkhali 1777
16 Let us return to the day of Ashura Sayed Ali Al-Mousawi Al-Khalkhali 1310
17 Hussein’s a candle of light Sayed Ali Al-Mousawi Al-Khalkhali 1405
18 Hussein Hussein Hussein Hussein Sayed Ali Al-Mousawi Al-Khalkhali 1405
19 The Saviour of Islam Sr. Nahla Abbas 1434
20 Mola Hussain (AS) Muhammad Wajahat Ali Shaikh - Vengeance110 1600

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